Thursday, July 19, 2012

Too Much Hay! (North Dakota)

Medora the Musical
This post is for Wednesday, July 18.

Here's from Rachel:

First I am and going to explain what Christian wrote. He has a habit of not thoroughly explaining things.  I don't know about you, but 3 sentences that lack linking verbs and adjectives don't allow me to envision an  entire 24 hours. Quick fill in:

On Tuesday, July 17, we woke up at Indiana Dunes State Park (which is a little part of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore) and put the pop-up down. That always makes me smile. Once I got my arm stuck, another time we had to put up and down the stabalizers about 20 times, ect. (I don't want to go into the arm stuck story - it was a bit traumatic even though it didn't actually hurt in the least.)

Then we rode around looking at moutains of sand - a.k.a. sand dunes. They were neat. They may have been neater if we had hiked up them - the original plan - but it was about two million degrees outside. We were all very, very glad to swim in Lake Michigan. We weren't glad to walk to the beach at the lake on the hot sand. It scorched our feet even with flip-flops on.

The rest of the day was spent in the car - on a looonnnngggg car ride - a bit over six hours. It was 104 degrees outside while we drove. That night we got to sleep in a HOTEL in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We don't do that every often on this trip, but we did it that night because that night was sandwiched between two vvvveeerrrryyyy llllloooonnnngggg days of driving.

We woke up on Wednesday morning and we experienced my favorite part of hotels: the free breakfast. I don't care if a hotel is fancy. I just care that it has breakfast for me - preferably waffles.

That day we got to drive 9 hours and 45 minutes in the car - and that's just the driving time - not counting our stop for ice cream. We spent most of the day driving in North Dakota. You see, I have this thing about North Dakota. You see, my grandpa had been to 49 states. He had been lacking none other than North Dakota. So, I've always wanted to go to North Dakota - particulalry with him - for that reason. He met us in North Dakota, so he got to go to his 50th state. In between breaks from movies, reading, and books on tape, I looked out the window. And almost every time, I saw about twenty bales of hay. They were rolled up and just sitting in the middle of the fields. I tried counting them but there were too many.

Once we got to North Dakota, my grandparents, Taylor and I went to Medora the Musical (Medora is the name of the town we're staying in - it's the gateway to Theodore Roosevelt National Park). The musical was pretty cool. There wasn't really any plot to it. It was mainly just a lot of singing and dancing with a bit of information about the history of Medora. The choreography was really good. The twelve singers and dancers were really good too. It was all at an outdoor ampitheater. You felt you were in the middle of nowhere until you came across this huge escalator leading down into the ampotheater. I felt like saying to that escalator, "What are you doing here?" They also had a comedian come in and tell a few jokes.

So, to close, here's a joke from the musical so you can feel like you were really there with me. (Don't be offended if you're Irish - he said Irish people like to make fun of themselves. He was Irish too.)

So there was an Irish man and an American man getting interviewed for a job. The employers didn't know who to pick so they gave them both ten questions to answer. They both got nine right and one wrong. The employer said, "We're going to give the job to the American man." The Irish man said, "That's not fair. We both got the same number right." The employer answered, "It's because of what you wrote on the fifth question. He wrote, 'I don't know.' and you wrote 'Neither do I.'"

Are you laughing? I sure was.


  1. Thanks, Rachel, for expanding on Christian's blog. It sounds like a couple of looooonnng days. Your are having wonderful experiences which you will never forget.

  2. Unfortunately for you all this summer the nation is experiencing a drought and heat wave. That is making for a very hot trip. Glad your air conditioning is working. I was wonder how we did without it. The musical sounds like fun!

  3. I like the musical as well. And I think my favorite part was the comedian. He really made me LAUGH. I like the joke you wrote about, but I also like the one where he talked about how mothers often expect their children to do the impossible, such as when his mother would tell him to "shut your mouth and eat your food", or when she would tell him, "if you fall down and break both legs, don't come running to me." It was a fun musical, and I enjoyed it more because grandpa and I went there with some of our favorite people.

    Love, grandma