Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Amish and More Amish

It's Taylor.

Tonight is going to be short because it's late at night and I want to go to bed soon. We've been staying up late a lot in the last few nights.

Today we woke up early and went on a bus tour of the Amish countryside. I learned that you can only tell if a woman is married or not when they go to church. If the women have white over their dresses, they are single. If they wear black, they are married. Women only wear dresses - and only solid colors. Men only wear solid colors too. You can tell they are married because they grew out their beard after they get married.

We also went on an old fashioned train and on a buggy tour. At night, we went swimming.

All the kids are jumping and being crazy in the camper, so we'd better end.
Lunch in Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, PA

The train museum in Strasborg, PA

An Amish buggy ride in Bird-in-Hand, PA (isn't that a funny town name?)

We ate an Amish family feast with Pennysvlania Dutch cooking


  1. I bet the Amish get pretty hot without A/C!

  2. Hi Taylor - The "old fashioned train" sounds pretty neat. What made it old fashion? Was it steam powered? Tell your parents I'll be arriving in Ootah on Wednesday August 1st and should make it to the Zion NP area between 4 to 6pm on the 1st. I'll be leaving Saturday morning. I'm flying in and out of LAS and renting a car. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone. Unfortunately Heather can't join me due to work conflicts.

  3. Dear Taylor,
    Just after Uncle Bert Willis married Aunt Christine, I visited Washington D.C., and they took me to Amish Country to eat. We had shoofly pie. (I'm not exactly sure how it is spelled, but its taste resembles a pecan pie; very sweet.) The Amish are famous for their cooking and their quilts. What did you think of their food?
    Aunt Rebecca

  4. Hi Taylor! Thats a neat way to tell if they're married or not. Question: Just how long do their beards get?

  5. Hey Tay,

    You really have a good time with your cousins. I know you will miss spending time with them, but I'm glad you enjoy each other when you are together. That's neat!

    Love, grandma