Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nerdy White Water River Rafting

This post is for Thursday, July 26.

It's Taylor.

You might have read Christian's blog post about going to old buildings and looking for gold. What he meant is that we went to Bannack State park. It's a ghost town. We went in some old houses. It was really neat.

Let me back up. We left the cabins in Melrose on Wednesday morning. We drove about 45 minutes to Bannack State Park. The story of the town is that there was this guy named Henry Plummer who was a bad guy. He was put in jail in California for shooting someone. Then, he moved to Montana. He became the sheriff there. Then they discovered that there were some outlaws that were killing the miners who found gold and stealing all the gold. Soon, they were suspicious that it was Henry Plummer. They decided to hang him. He said, "Stop. Don't hang me. In 24 hours I can bring you my weight in gold and I'll never come back to the town." But the didn't listen to him. They hung him anyway. They also hung his 24 friends.

We walked all around the town. Se saw a saloon, a school, a church, and some houses. At the end, we got to pan for gold. My cousin actually found a little sliver of gold. It was just a speck but they said it was the biggest speck they had seen all summer. A different year, someone found a piece the size of a pinky fingernail that was worth about $200.

After Bannack, we drove abother five hours or so to Nibley, Utah (by Logan) to where my grandparents live.

Thursday morning, we drove to Idaho with lots of cousins to go river rafting. It was just about 45 minutes outside of the border ot Utah. We got on this big, giant blow-up raft and went down the river. It was fun.The name of the company that we went down the river with was called Nerdy White Water River Rafting. At one point, we actually got to jump in the river. That was really fun. We went through some rapids that were really awesome even though they were only class 3. We went down two little waterfalls. Once my mom's cousin fell out of the raft and it took him a few minutes to swim and catch up to the boat and get back on. Afterwards, we got to drink homemade cream soda.

That night, my grandma's relatives all came for dinner. It was really fun. We played foosball and a really fun gamed called Snorta.

playing games with my cousins


  1. It was actually called "White and Nerdy Rafting". Go to
    to see pictures of us! Wasn't it so fun???

  2. Hey, I didn't know you drank homemade cream soda?!?! I bet that tasted heavenly after two hours of baking in the sun!

    Love, grandma

  3. Homemade cream soda! I know you were having fun making ice cream. Any chance you'll start making your own soda, too? Sounds like a great day when white water rafting and family are involved. I always love being together with as much family as possible, especially with those relatives that I don't get to see often because we live far away from each other. My guess is that you and your siblings are having a summer that you'll never forget. Your mom and dad are so awesome for planning this for you. I'm forever inspired when I read your blogs, and they bring back memories of my childhood as well. Thank you so much for that.