Sunday, July 29, 2012

Going to Park City

It's me, Sarah Ann.

This post is for Saturday, July 28. (We're almost caught up.)

Rachel didn't write about all of Friday because she just wrote about the part where she broke her foot. So, I'll start by telling you about Friday night. A lot of people on my grandpa's side (my mom's dad) came to visit my grandma and grandpa's house for a family reunion. There were lots of people there, even more kids than when my grandma's family came the night before. I played with lots of new cousins - some of that I didn't even know before. I went to bed late that night again. We had to say goodbye to our cousins and aunts because they were leaving early to catch a plane the next morning. That was kind of sad, but I was glad I'm going to see my Grandma Albrecht in three more weeks when she comes to Wisconsin to help us unpack.

On Saturday, we had to pack all of our stuff and we left my grandma's house. The first stop we a splash park in Herriman, Utah (I think that's the name of it - we had to drive about two hours to get there.) We met my mom's friend from college and her little daughter. Her daughter was two just like Christian and they had lots of fun playing togetheer. Taylor just played on the park and wouldn't play in the water. He didn't even get his hair wet one bit.

We ate lunch there and then left. We were excited because we were going to see my grandparents on the other side and my aunt. But best of all, we were going to see my dad. We hadn't seen him this whole trip. We drove to Park City where there is a huge reunion of my grandma's side of the family. Our car barely made it because the road is soooo steep and our van had to pull the camper. The car almost overheated. My mom was afraid to pull over because she was afraid that if she stopped, she wouldn't be able to get going again.

When we pulled in the condos in Park City, we saw my dad. I got to be the first person to hug him. Right away we went to the swimming pool and saw lots of cousins. Rachel couldn't really do much in the pool because of her foot. She can take the boot off and get her leg wet, but she can't put any pressure on her foot.

Taylor wanted to watch the Olympics. That night, we drove to Salt Lake City for my dad's great aunt's ninety-sixth birthday. My aunt told me lots of jokes on the way. Here's one:

Why does a flamingo stand on one leg?
Because if it lifts up the other leg, it will fall over.

The end.

(I'll add some photos later.)


  1. I'm glad you are having a good time, and I'm glad you got to see your dad. I know you missed him. But I have to admit, it's pretty lonely around here without all of you. I didn't even put away the toys in the toy room until today. It made me sad! One day, our house was brimmng full of people, and the next day, it was just grandpa, Marcus the dog and me. But I am excited to see you soon and hear all about your adventures in Zion's National Park and in Texas.

    Love, grandma

  2. Oh, Sarah Ann, I can absolutely picture you giving your dad the biggest hug ever! He must have been so happy to see you all after so long. I'm writing this about a week after you posted this blog, so I'm thinking that you've all been having lots of fun together as a whole family since your dad joined up with you. He's so fortunate to be able to hear all your stories in person. Please say hello to everyone for me and give a big smile and hug too if you'd like to do that for me.