Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Big Debate: Grizzly or Black Bears in Waterton Lakes National Park

This entry is for Monday, July 23.

This is from Taylor.

Monday morning, we drove to Canada. We were going there to see more of Glacier National Park. Actually, it's Waterlake National Parks there. It's kind of a separate park, but they're also kind of together.

On the way there when we were right near the border, we saw a bear right by the car. The people there already watching it said it was grizzly but at first we thought it was a black bear. Later, we found out it was a grizzly. (Not everybody in my family agrees. Sarah Ann and Aunt Tarythe still think it was a black bear.) Then we crossed the border. They wanted to know where my dad was and if my mom had a note saying it was okay to take us across international borders - and that she wasn't kidnapping us. She didn't have a note but they let us go across anyway.

First, we went to Cameron Lake and rented rowboats. It was really fun. I was sort of bad at rowing at first. But then I got the hang of it. The lake was really pretty set right against a big, beautiful mountain. It was a little windy.

Then we went on a hike called Bears Hump hike. It's less than a mile each way but it was very steep and hard to get to the top. When we got to the top, it was very pretty and VERY windy. It blew so hard that it could blow a person off the mountain if he weren't careful. The way back down was simple.

We got back in the car and drove across the street to the Prince of Wales hotel - a famous hotel by the mountains and lake. We had high tea there like they do in England. The food was great. It was scones, tiny sandwiches, and little desserts.

The last thing we did was drive to Red Rock Canyon. On the way, we saw another bear. I think this bear was a grizzly bear also. Most people agreed but it was far away and hard to see. When we got to Red Rock Canyon, we went straight into the water. It was freezing but beautiful. It turned my feet red. My cousins' toe turned completely white from the cold water.

When we got home, we looked at the pictures of the bears. We still couldn't all agree. We'll post a photo below and you can vote on which type of bear you think it is.

Here's the first bear we saw. It was right next to our car.

Here I am rowing on Cameron Lake.

The view from the top of Bears Hump hike.

We're all about to get blown away by the wind next to the Prince of Wales hotel.

My toes got really cold wading at Red Rock Canyon.


  1. Personally, I like "far away" bears best - whether is it a black or grizzly bear - it's nice when it's far away!

    Love, grandma

  2. The expert was called in and the verdict is in - it's a Black Bear!

    Isn't is SO AWESOME that there was a bear right outside our car window? And how many kids can say that they saw 2 bears in one day, Taylor??? What a cool experience. You guys are seeing so many great things on this trip! Thanks for documenting with this blog.

  3. This sounds really cool! We think you should take some of these hikes again! The pictures look a little like the views at The Quabbin. You guys know how ta have a fun day!