Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Last....

This is Sarah Ann.

Today is the 4th of July. Not just any 4th of July. The LAST 4th of July. I mean the last 4th of July in Massachusetts for our family. It's not just the last 4th of July though. It's the last EVERYTHING. A couple of nights ago, we had the last dinner with some friends. I already had my last day at Swift River Elementary School. I think I went to the Clapp Memorial Library for the last time (that's the library where I live). Sunday, we'll go to our church here for the last time. And then, we'll leave our house for the last time.

You probably already know this, but it feels really sad to have all these lasts and to leave everything.

There are some lasts I'm not so sad about. Soon, I will ride in my dad's car for the last time. I won't be sad about that. It's kind of a run-down car. The air-conditioning doesn't work. When we go over bumps, sometimes the trunk bounces open. The key doesn't always unlock the door and sometimes we can't get the trunk to open. My dad says it's not going to last much longer because it has lots of miles on it so he doesn't want to take it to Wisconsin.

There are some lasts that are really sad though. The last dinner with my friends was really sad because we have had lots of play dates and we go to the same school. We were in even in the same class so we could play together every day. It's also sad to leave our house because our house is very cute and has a big yard with lots of woods around it. Plus it has a tree swing. We can swing really high on the tree swing and it's really fun. I'm going to miss my bedroom because  I've spent lots of time there. It seems funny to have a new bedroom that will be unfamiliar.

There will be some good things though. Our house will be bigger. Now, I sleep on a trundle bed and the roof is short. In my new house, I'll have my own room. I'm going to get to choose what color to paint my bedroom and what pictures to hang on the wall. And there's a neighborhood park that I can ride my boke to and there's a meadow behind our house. And hopefully, I'll make new friends in my neighborhood and at school.

Here we are on the LAST day of school in front of our cute house.

Here are the best parts of our new house: the meadow behind it and the new giant playset.


  1. Hi Sarah Ann,
    I'm feeling really sad about all your "lasts", too. I usually think about all the "news" for you and I feel really happy for you and everyone in your family. Lately, though, I'm thinking of the "lasts" like our times together recently. So, I'll keep my sad thoughts quiet for now. I am so happy to see the pictures of the meadow and the playset. I can already picture all four of you Huber children on this playset! I really can't wait to visit you in Wisconsin and walk through your yard with you. I hope you and your siblings will give me a tour of your house. Have you already chosen a color for your bedroom or will you wait a while before making your decision? What keeps me from being too sad is knowing that I'll never have a "last" of seeing you or talking with you, Sarah Ann. And please tell this to Rachel, Taylor, Christian, Mom and Dad, too: all of us Terrys are sad to know you won't be living in Belchertown, but we're planning to talk with you through this blog and email and telephone, and we'll plan a trip to Wisconsin so we can be together in person, too. That will be a wonderful "new" for us! And remember, you can let our home be your vacation destination anytime you want!

  2. Wow Sarah Ann, those are some really sad lasts. But please do be excited about all the new things too!:):):):)

  3. Wow, that is a fantastic playset. You are going to love it!! And your Mass friends will want to come and see you JUST so they can play on it!

  4. Your Aunt Tarythe will come visit you in Wisconsin just so she can play on your swingset too. And Jed CAN'T WAIT to swing on it. He thinks maybe he can swing higher than you. :)
    -Aunt T

  5. Olivia would like to come to your new house and play on your swing set with you. So would Grant. Audrey is very excited to play with you and talks about seeing you all the time. Did you write all of that yourself? Great job!

  6. Hi Sarah Ann this is Olivia.Wow did you write that all by yourself!I don`t even think I could type that much unless I knew how to type using the keyboard.I hope I get to see you in August I get to see you that is if when my baby brother is born healthy.

  7. Hi Sarah Ann...
    What color do you think you will paint your new bedroom. Do you have a favorite color? I made a point of having a lot of different colors in the rooms of my house -- to suit my many moods.

    Can't wait to see you and your family when you come through Pittsburgh!

  8. Those are some sad "lasts", but you will have tons of new "firsts"!