Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Visit with Lewis and Clark

This post is for Tuesday, July 24.

Hi. It's Sarah Ann again.

Today we woke up and had to get busy. It was time to leave Glacier National Park. First, we were heading to the Lewis and Clark National Interpretive Center in Great Falls, Montana. We signed up for this juniot explorer program. Each age had a different packet. My cousin (who is one year younger than me) and I got a folder for us. It was really easy to fill them up. We did each page even though we didn't have to.

We went through a museum and watched a movie to learn about Lewis and Clark's trip to discover the west.  Before that, I didn't know ANYTHING about Lewis and Clark so the museum really did teach me a lot. They had to follow rivers west into areas that nobody knew about it. One time, there was a fork in thr river and they didn't know which way to go. The Native Americans had told them that the river would have a waterfall, so Lewis went ahead on one of the forks to look for that. I think it was the left fork that he took. He was proved right when he found the waterfall. Now you might wonder how they got over the waterfall in their boats. They had to get out of the water and built little carts with wheels to pull them over the hills. They had thought it would only take a day but it took a really long time. And it was really tiring. Two times a Native American woman saved them. One was Sacagawea. She helped talk to a tribe of Native Americans who weren't sure if they would help Lewis and Clark or not. They ended up giving them the horses they needed to continue their trip. The second Native American intervened when another tribe didn't like them so much. She said that she had met white people before and they were nice to her. We also listened to a talk about Native American games.

I'm dressing up like an explorer in the Lewis and Clark National Interpretive Center.

Then we had to drive some more. We drove to a little town called Melrose, Montana. There, we stayed in some cabins. We ate dinner really late and even took showers. The other place in Glacier National Park had run out of water so we could only take showers one day. My aunt even got in the stream by the cabins that had really cold glacier water and washed her hair there. After that, we went to bed because we had had a busy day.

Rachel and Taylor with my cousin at the cabins in Melrose. My cousin turned six months old!


  1. I think you make a really cute explorer! BUT.. aren't you glad you didn't make the trek with Lewis and Clark - or had to walk or ride a horse from Mass. to Montana?!?! You are a terrific hiker though, and I'm certainly glad you shared your hiking stick with me and helped me up the mountain.

    Love, grandma

  2. I love Great Falls and have been to that interpretative center. I'm glad you had fun and enjoyed learning about Lewis and Clark. Lori Lyn

  3. It seemed like this was exciting. You are going places that not many people have least nobody I've known. I hope I can follow your footsteps some day and see in person what you're showing us through the blog.