Saturday, July 28, 2012

Three Bones

This post is for Friday, July 27th. (We're almost caught up!)

Rachel here:
We started out the day by meeting some old friends from when my parents were in graduate school. My family met them at the park. At the park we played soccer until I went to play on the swings. I was jumping off them like I always do. After a while I decided to do a spin in the air.  I tried it a few times. Then once I landed and felt a pain in my foot. I sat there for a while holding my foot before hopping part way to the bench where my mom was sitting. My foot really hurt a lot. She came over and brought me some water. I continued hopping to where my mom was sitting. My mom tried to get me to swallow some Allieve but I couldn't seem to figure out how to do it. Then my mom realized there was children's Ibuprofen in the first aid kit in the car. We stayed at the park for just a little longer. I hopped all the way to the car.

Once at my grandparents' house, my mom had me elevate my foot and put ice on it. She did some research on the internet and called the insurance, then took me to InstaCare. There, they already had my name in the system from when I was a baby and got really sick when visiting Utah. My mom thought it was broken before we went. I REALLY hoped it wasn't broken because I didn't want to miss out on some of the other fun things coming up on the trip - especially hiking the narrows at Zion National Park.

Eventually they called me back. They made me sit in a wheelchair. At first I didn't want to, because I didn't want there to be a fuss. But I was getting tired of hopping, so I sat in the wheelchair. I talked to the doctor for a minute, and then they did an x-ray. A few minutes later, they showed my mom an x-ray. She told me that three bones in my foot was broken. Two of the bones were minor breaks (they were broken all the way through but still lined up). The other was not so minor. The ends of the broken bone were side by side. The doctor came back and said I would need to wear a boot for three weeks. That's when my mom told me that they had thought I would need surgery. The boot goes all the way to my knee. I can't put any pressure whatsoever on the front part of my foot for three weeks. My mom bought me crutches. It's a lot easier to move around with crutches than just with the boot. My aunt met us at urgent care and gave me a get well balloon.

I really wish I hadn't broken my foot. It hurts - but that's not the worst of it. I really wish I hadn't broken it because I can't run or hardly walk. I can't even sleep normally. Mostly, I'm sad about missing out on some things. In the future, I'll try to be more carefuly. But for now, I'm trying to look on the bright side.


  1. Oh Rachel, you poor thing!!! I broke my foot a few summers ago and it is AWFUL (it was right before I left for London so I wasn't allowed to climb the steps at St. Paul's Cathedral, which was a big disappointment, so I can relate to having to miss out because of a dumb broken foot). I'm proud of you for staying positive. Just lean on Heavenly Father and you'll get through this. Also, after three weeks on crutches you will have amazing arm muscles. (also, I would discourage the flip flops I saw in the picture- they're awful for you feet anyway, but now you'll be relying more on your good foot, so it should to be supported by solid shoes- just a bit of advise from a veteran cripple!). If you're feeling down, this is one of my favorite songs:
    It always helps me when I'm having a hard day.

  2. Rachel, I know it is upsetting that you won't be able to hike but there are a lot of other neat things that you will still be able to see and do over the next 2.5 weeks.

    The day after I saw you last I had surgery on my left hand. They put 2 three inch pins in my hand -- it is still sore almost 2 weeks later. :( But I can take my splint off to get washed -- and that is a good thing. Can you take off the boot at all?

  3. Rachel, so sorry to hear about your accident with your foot. That really stinks! I know it will be tough to miss out on SOME of the activities but try to remember that it is only SOME, not all. I am sure there are lots of wonderful experiences ahead for you in the next couple of weeks. I wish you speedy healing and that you can remain comfortable.

  4. Oh, that just sucks! Broken foot on a road trip? Ick. My heart is with you.

    But I found these sweet bionic legs on the internet, and I think maybe they'd solve your problems: . I once saw a guy wearing a pair and they made him like eight feet tall and he bounced everywhere. I bet you could fit the boot in those, and then bounce around like it ain't no thing. Like a velociraptor. :)

  5. Oh Rachel, I'm so sorry about your nasty mishap. Just really crummy. When I was 9 years old, I dropped a full quart glass bottle of Ginger Ale on my big toe two days before my sister's wedding. I was a junior bridesmaid and could not wear the pretty shoes my Mom had bought for me. Mom used white shoe polish to make my sandals look half-way decent and all went well from there on. Remember the words in the Book of Mormon, "And it came to pass....."
    with love, Darleen LaFond

  6. On nose Richael! I'm very, very sorry to hear - but don't worry we will still have plenty of fun in Zion NP!

    1. Sorry for the typo in your name!

  7. On nose Rachel! I'm very, very sorry to hear - but don't worry we will still have plenty of fun in Zion NP!

  8. Hi Rachel,
    We've just returned from our trip away and we're catching up on the blog. I know Grace spoke with you by phone the night before we left, and she told me about the breaks. Reading your thoughts here show me your feelings about it. I'm sorry about this happening and for the changes it causes in your experience, but I'm expecting that being who you are, you'll still have a good time. I can't remember ever seeing you without a smile. You're even smiling in the wheelchair when your foot is hurting!

  9. You will still have fun like you always do! I'm sure you will get through this! Keep having fun on your trip!

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