Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Battle of Gettysburg

This post is for Thursday July 12.

It's me again, Sarah Ann.

Today we went to Gettysburg. There I learned a lot about the battle of Gettysburg. First, we went to a movie, saw the cyclorama, and went to the museum. The battle of Gettysburg was part of the Civil War. It was between the North and South fighting each other. The Civil War started with South Carolina. They wanted to keep slaves, but as you know, Abraham Lincoln didn't and he was the president. South Carolina said that if Abraham Lincoln became president they would leave the country. A couple other states in the South joined with South Carolina. They started a war. The South's leader was Robert E. Lee.

The battle of Gettysburg happened near the town of Gettysburg - that's how it got its name. It happened at the beginning of July in 1863. It started July 1 and ended July 3.The Northern army had higher ground - on top of the hills - so they could see what was going on. After a few days of fights, Lee's plan was really risky. He decided to send his army straight into the center of the Northern army to try to break through. It almost worked, but it didn't. 

By the end of the war lots of people were kidnapped - I mean taken prisoner, dead, or wounded. Sometimes they were fighting near neighborhoods. The people had to and hide in the basements. At least that's what I think they did.

I thought the battle was very, very sad. To have so many people be killed was sad.

After we saw the museum, we drove around the battlefield a little. Then, we had to say goodbye to our cousins. We had to drive three more hours to Ohiopyle State Park. It was dark by the time we got there and we had to set up the camper in the dark. We thought about getting a hotel, but we didn't because the hotels cost $100 a night.


  1. Sarah Ann, I agree with you that many sad things happened at Gettysburg. I always feel that when I am there or when I read about it. You certainly are learning a lot.
    Aunt Rebecca

  2. When you get a little older I bet you would enjoy reading some books about the civil war. I love reading history books because you gain a greater understanding and appreciation of past sacrifices.

  3. Imagine, Sarah Ann, that the South had won. Where would we be now?

  4. Sarah Ann,

    I've been to Gettysburg too, and I had some of the same thoughts and feelings. The civil war was probably the most devasting war in US history. But I am so grateful we don't practice slavery any longer.

    Love, grandma