Monday, July 16, 2012

Surprise Party in Pittsburgh

It's Taylor again.

We started yesterday by going to church. I didn't really want to go at first since I wouldn't know anyone there. But it turned out to be okay.

Christian helping Reed cut his birthday cake

Here's my lighting a sparkler with Elissa

Christian and Sarah Ann on the playset
In the afternoon, we had a party. It was actually a suprise birthday party for Reed, Christian's birth grandfather. Reed thought it was just a dinner for family to get together. There were lots of people there. We had a parade to the house starting from their neighbor's house and sang happy birthday. There were two boys my age and we made some Yakenscheide - it's this mixture with all this random stuff like leaves, twigs, blue bubbles, garlic, rootbeer, gingerale, crab apples, grass, water, a couple of flowers, and much more. When we were in the middle of making the Yakenscheide, the girls started making something much like it. Then we had a big fights with girls about it. That was the most fun. It ended that both of the Yakenscheide got dumped out.


  1. Taylor, What is Yakenscheide? You told us what goes into it but what do you do with it besides throwing it out? Very intriguing.

  2. Hey Tay, you are a boy who knows no strangers. It sounds like you made friends very quickly and easily, once again. I'm glad you are friendly, and make people feel welcome. And about that fight with the girls......I bet that in a few years, you'll be having fights over - not with - girls.

    Love, grandma