Friday, July 27, 2012

The Wild West in Bannack State Park

This post is for Wednesday, July 25.

From Christian:

We see old buildings. We look for gold. My clothes get all west. We ride in car.

The kids in front of one of the abandoned buildings in the ghost town of Bannack

We played in the old jail!

Do we look mean hanging out at the outlaw's saloon?

We had fun playing on the old merry-go-round in front of the school.

We got to search for gold. I dumped my water all over my clothes and got soaked.
From Christian:


  1. Christian,
    Your Uncle Mathew definitely looks MEAN at the outlaw's cabin. And you look like you are having a great time panning for gold!
    Love, grandma

  2. Love the short and sweet posts by this adorable littel boy. Sounds like everyone is having fun.

  3. A real ghost town! It looked sort of scary. I think we should go to it and have some fun like you did. We should get locked in a jail, too. We once read a Magic tree House book about a ghost town. Your words and pictures remind us of that story.