Monday, August 6, 2012

Zion in National Park

This post is for Wednesday, August 1. Photos will come later - the internet connection here (in Mesa Verde National Park) isn't strong enough for photos.

From Christian:

I play with cousins. I go swimming. I sleep in pop.
sleeping in pop

Watchman Tower - the view from our campground

playing by the Virgin River at the end of Riverside Walk

Everyone at the end of Weeping Rock (I didn't go)


  1. You look so comfortable and peaceful sleeping in the pop!!

  2. Hi Christian!

    I bet you can fall alseep anywhere! Are you having lots of fun? I checked on our chickens this morning and was so happy to find out that the white chicken that I couldn't find at bedtime last night had hidden in a bush out in the yard all night. When she heard me looking for her in the yard this morning she came out to me. Have you ever seen a sleepy-eyed chicken? I think she looked the way I do when I first get out of bed, the only difference is that I don't have feathers! otherwise, she stumbled and blinked a lot the way I do each morning!