Saturday, August 11, 2012

Amazing Things in Austin, TX

This post is for Friday, August 10

Hi there. It's me - Sarah Ann.

First, on Thursday we woke up at our campground and drove about seven hours to my cousins' house in Austin, TX. We listened to books on tape to keep us entertained.

Today we started out by going to a natural spring swimming pool kind of thing in Austin, TX. I went with my aunt and uncle who live in Austin. We are staying at their house for a few days. The spring is called Barton Springs.

Here's me at Barton Springs in Austin, TX

Wee're all waiting for the bats.

If you look really hard, you can see little black specks in the sky. That's the bats. (The picture didn't work so well.)
At Barton Springs, we had lots of fun swimming. The water at first was cold and the rocks were very, very slippery. After we went home, we played a little and then our two cousins arrived. We hunt out at their house for a little while and then we went to see the bats. There were even more bats than we saw at Carlsbad Caverns. They were soooo nea.t There were over a million but we probably only got to see less than a thousand because I was thirsty and Christian was worn out. Then we went home and ate Blue Bell ice cream. I don't exactly know what's so neat about Blue Bell but I think it's only in Texas. It's supposed to be especially good.


  1. Love having you all here!

  2. Sarah Ann. What do you mean, you don't exactly know what's so neat about Blue Bell Ice Cream!! It's only the best ice cream in the country!! Hope you enjoyed it. I sure wish I could have some!!

  3. Yummy blue bell ice cream. Did you see any blue bonnets? They are a really pretty flower that grows in Texas. Those springs look very refreshing! It is very hot here so swimming looks really appealing right now. Miss you all!

  4. Hi Sarah Ann,

    It must be cool to see bats. Where did they come from when you saw them in the city? Was the ice cream good? What flavor did you have?

  5. Sounds like lots of fun! Love, Grandma Huber