Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cedar Breaks National Monument

I am not starting out with “Rachel speaking” because I am not actually speaking at all, I’m typing.

The morning for me started out with breakfast, driving to meet our cousins at their hotel and then driving to Cedar Breaks National Monument. Taylor and some other peoples got up early and did a hike. I would have gone except my foot set rules I am forced to follow. Instead my mom took me to a ranger program last night. It was all about wilderness. I learned quite a bit.

Anyways, on the way to Cedar Breaks I rode with my three youngest cousins my aunt and my mom. We were lucky enough to see lots of big horn sheep. I was soooooooooo surprised to see them. They were pretty close too.

If you have ever been to Bryce Canyon National park you can imagine what Cedar Breaks is like. A red canyon has been eroded by water forming rock formations like you have never seen. Bright red rocks stick up looking like poles (they are actually called hoo-doos which is a very, very, very weird word).

We ate a picnic lunch before heading to the hike we were going to do. At the overlook before the hike we had some poor person take our group photo. We ended up just doing a bit of the hike because a thunderstorm was coming in. I was only going to do a little bit any ways because of my foot.

Before leaving we stopped at the visitor center to get junior ranger badges. Before we got our badge we had to take a pledge which I giggled the whole time we took it because the guy kept adding things about cleaning our room.

Cedar Breaks is really high – almost 11,000 feet in elevation. On the way down, the road was so steep that our van’s breaks overheated and were steaming. We had to pull over and wait for them to stop.

On the way back to Zion we returned my wheelchair and went to go get ice cream. The place we went to was self-serve which was sooooooooooooooooooo awesome. You get your own frozen yogurt and toppings and then they charge you per ounce.  The frozen yogurt was soooooooooooo yummy. We also drew on their giant white-boardish thing-i-mijigee.

Bighorn sheep

All of us in front of Cedar Breaks

Eating frozen yogurt with my cousins

The view of Cedar Breaks

Me with my new baby cousin
For dinner we had pizza, peas, and salad. After dinner, we had to say goodbyes to our cousins since we would be leaving early the next morning. I tried not to be too sad because we hopefully will be seeing them again at Christmas. We hadn't seen them in two years before this - that's when the last family reunion was. They live in California - which is really far away from Massachusetts.


  1. Your baby cousin is soo tiny. I'll bet you enjoyed holding her. When she gets older we should let her play with Jed. I bet they would be good friends. I'm glad you are having so much fun.

  2. Rachel it was so fun to drive with you in the car! You are such a thoughtful, smart girl. If you make it to CA for Christmas we could go out for frozen yogurt again! I loved seeing the bighorn sheep. I still can't believe we saw wildlife in Zion.

  3. Oh, Rachel! The view at cedar breaks looks amazing! I'm so happy that you got to spend time with your cousins. I'll bet you love to hold the baby.