Monday, August 6, 2012

On the Way to Zion National Park

This entry is for Tuesday, July 31.

We don’t have internet access much lately so we’re behind again. When we get internet, we’ll try to catch up. The connection we have is weak - it can't handle adding photos. We'll have to add those later - so check back in a couple of days.

Hi, it’s Taylor. This entry is going to be short because we have to go to bed soon.

We woke up at our friends’ house. We started our drive to Zion National Park. We were going to have a family reunion with the Huber side. Before that, we had a reunion with the Willis side. It’s all my dad’s side, but the Willis family is all of my dad’s mom family – lots of second cousins etc. This Huber reunion was just going to be my dad and his brother and sisters and families.

We stopped at Thanksgiving Point south of Salt Lake City to meet some other friends from Massachusetts who moved to Utah. The dad in this family is the brother of the dad of the family we stayed at their house.  We played in this weird water sculpture first. Then, we walked in the gardens. Christian was leaning over in the flowers and got stung by a bee. After that, we got ice cream.

Then we continued our drive to Zion National Park. Even before the entrance, it was really pretty. The best view in the campsite in Zion was right over the bathroom in our campsite. There you can see a giant red rock called Watchman Tower. Zion is in the dessert so there aren’t many trees but there are lots of mountains and red rocks.


  1. So Taylor, what is that thingamajig you are standing by in the first picture? It looks like a giant trash sculpture of some kind. It looks weird, but neat.

  2. Hi Taylor,
    Is that photo of you next to the water sculpture? Looks really interesting. Did you get wet? Could you control it in any way i order to spray people? I'm glad you have been able to visit so many friends and family this summer. This is almost like one continuous reunion over the last few weeks, huh?