Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Visit to Grand Canyon

This is for Saturday, August 4. We have internet access for a moment - so be sure and look at the previous posts to see the photos we added - especially of Zion National Park.

Taylor here.

We left our campsite in Zion National Park pretty early and drove to Grand Canyon - about a five hour drive. But on the way, we stopped at Lake Powell. Lake Powell is the second biggest man made lake in North America. They made it to get water mostly for California from the Colorado River. Lake Powell is very pretty and really fun to swim in. It has all these red and brown mountains and cliffs around it. It's sort of like Zion but not so tall. We went swimming in the water at Lone Rock Beach. There were lots of boats there. It didn't get deep for a long time. Even Rachel got to swim with her broken foot. Christian really liked swimming there a lot.

After we were tired of swimming, we continued driving to the Grand Canyon. When we got there, we stopped at the Visitors Center and got stamps for our Passport books. We got our first view of the Grand Canyon. It was huge and very striking. We couldn't even see the ends of it because it was so big. The deepest part is three miles deep.The Colorado River carved the canyon. Next we drove to the main part of the Grand Canyon and got a wheelchair for Rachel. We ate dinner at cafeteria kind of place.

The main part of Grand Canyon was even better. At Mater's Point we saw some elk. They were super, super close. There was also a rainbow near them. We walked along the Rim Trail and Christian cried and screamed. He wanted out of his stroller but we couldn't let him out because he kept running around everywhere.

Lone Rock Beach at Lake Powell is called this because of this rock sticking out of the water.

Us at Lake Powell

The Grand Canyon

The elk was saw near Mather's Point

Here we are the Grand Canyon

another view as the sun goes down
Last, we went and looked around in the gift shop. We went to our campground, set up the pop, and went to bed.


  1. It all sounds fabulous! Thanks for all the entries. We loved being with you! Grandma Huber

  2. I'm glad you didn't let Christian out of his stroller. I remember when we went to Grand Canyon when your mom was a little girl. Mathew and Scott were running around, and Scott slipped on a rock, and almost fell into Grand Canyon. Mathew grabbed him just in time. We love that Christian and don't want him falling into any canyons!

  3. This sounds like a fun day. I like the swimming in Lake Powell the best. I bet that was neat!

  4. Hi Taylor.
    You've been to so many places over the last weeks. How many entried do you have in your park passport? Do you have a favorite location of all that you've visited? I am in awe of the photos and think they all look beautiful.

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