Thursday, August 9, 2012

Monument Valley and Four Corners

This post is for Sunday, August 5.

Hello. This is Sarah Ann.

We started the morning by driving a couple of hours to church in Tuba City, AZ.. After that, we drove toward Mesa Verde (that's a National Park).

The next stop was Monument Valley. It's a place on Navajo land. It kind of looks like Zion National Park if you have been there, but in another way it doesn't look like Zion. This place was red and flat with big rocks sticking up. We parked our trailer and went on this really, really bumpy road and saw some more of the rocks. We put a chair in the parking spot by the pop so nobody would park in front of it  The drive was seventeen miles but we only drove two miles because the road was so bumpity jumpity humpity. It was really neat and hot outside.

Then we drove some more until we got to Four Corners. There was a little bit of a line. It was not at all how I imagined it. There was pavement with a circle in the center. The lines crossed the circle and said where each state was. We took pictures of us standing in all four states at once. Then we ate some Indian fry bread. I think we ate the bread in Colorad. It was the most delicious thing we had ever tasted. We had to eat the bread in the car because the wind was blowing so hard that it almost blew the bread away.

After was gobbled the bread up, we drove some more and drove some more and arrived at Mesa Verde National Park. We sat up the pop and went to bed.

Here we are at Monument Valley

A view over Monument Valley.

We're each in a different state at four corners.

I'm in four states at once!
The end.


  1. So, Sarah Ann, I know you were looking forward to being in four states at once. I'm glad you were finally able to do that. Four corners looks much different than the last time I went there. But we did get to eat Indian Fry Bread. You're right, it's GOOD.

  2. Four states! Hooray Sarah Ann! We read a story in friend about a pioneer named Sarah Ann and are thinking of you. Have you read it? It is a to be continued story. Great photos of Monumental Valley too. The only time I drove through there it was raining which wasn't great for taking pictures.

  3. Wow Sarah Ann, you got to experience four corners! I love to notice boundaries like that. Just yesterday we celebrated leaving one state and entering another while we were driving on a bridge over the middle of a river. Did you ever shop at the Big Y grocery store in Amherst? They have a special line through their floor that shows that part of the store is in Amherst and the other section is in Hadley, so you're actually shopping in two towns while your there.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the Indian fry bread. Do you know how they made it?

  4. I was too little to remember it when I visited Four Corners - but you have an awesome picture to remember that moment by! So glad you got to touch 4 states at once, Sarah Ann. Jed misses you guys, by the way!!!